Why 90% website gets less organic traffic? | in 1 Day? To Mistake for beginners | in 2021

Today’s topic is “why 90% of the website gets less organic traffic”, yes you heard it right, there are only 10% of such websites on Google which get organic traffic. Out of which only 10-20 people visit 6% of the website. 90% of the remaining 4% of website traffic is Organic Traffic.

After all, why this, why only 4% of the website gets organic traffic, then the reason is SEO, yes that 4% website knows SEO, due to which they get so much traffic. This does not mean that the remaining 96% of the website does not know about SEO. They also have, but they have made some mistakes in it, due to which they do not get organic traffic. Why are you not doing such SEO Mistakes anywhere?

Today I am going to talk about some such SEO Mistakes in front of you which never allow your website to come up and rank. It is impossible to get organic traffic without ranking in google. Get Traffic in Google Link building is an important reason for less organic traffic especially when you have to rank on high difficulty keywords.

website gets less organic traffic
less organic traffic?

Ranking your post without backlinks is also not possible in today’s time. You should create backlinks not only to your home page but also to your posts. What is Backlinks play a very important role in ranking your posts, if you want to rank your posts, then create such backlinks that point to your posts. Also read, best way to get free traffic

As much as backlinks are necessary, it is equally important that you have to do internal or external linking in each of your posts so that if a visitor comes to your website, then you can provide him with full knowledge.

Now let’s talk about how we can solve this problem-

  1. You have to collect links from the top 10 ranking websites. Meaning you have to see from where they have picked up backlinks for these ranked posts of their website. You also have to go to the same place and collect backlinks for your posts.
  2. Or you can also try guest posting, on google you will find many websites which give you the opportunity of guest posting on your website. From there you can also get backlinks for your posts.

Website SEO Mistake No.2 – Targeting High SEO Difficulty Keywords

Quite often we choose keywords with such high difficulty, which take years to rank, in such a situation it would be foolish to expect traffic from there. We should always start with low-difficulty keywords. Only after that when some traffic starts coming in then only then move towards higher difficulty. If you are new, then you should not even touch keywords with high difficulty for 1 year. Quite often it also happens that you write articles on such keywords which people do not need at all.

Now we talk about the solution to this problem-

Do you know that one of your posts can rank on 1,000 keywords? Yes, this is the truth. You can also do this, you just have to do more and more keyword research, after that everything is simple. If you do not want to do keyword research, then no problem, you can also take keywords from your competitive websites.

  1. Always choose such keywords on which your competitor is ranking and you also check their traffic of that post. Then you pick up the posts of other websites that rank on that keyword and find the keywords from there, after that make one of the keywords your primary keywords, and explain the rest of the remaining keywords as a subheading. The keywords will be used in that article and you will be able to write the best organic traffic generating article.

More Reasons for Getting Less regular Traffic

Websites with broken links are not very good in the eyes of Google, so they never prefer to rank such websites.

Like I said link is very important for ranking, along with that you should pay equal attention to your referral domain because if we keep taking links from the same websites again and again then it will not be good for us so we must Always create your links by visiting different websites.

Last word

So because of these two SEO mistakes, many websites get less organic traffic, if you also make such a mistake, then you will have to leave it now, otherwise, your posts will never be able to rank on the first pages.

You can use Ahrefs for link building and keyword research, otherwise, you will get competitive, google keyword planner, and many more free tools, with the help of which you can easily grow your website and gain organic traffic. And you can overcome your issues with less organic traffic.

Why 90% website gets less organic traffic? If you have any questions related to this topic then please comment below.

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