What is Website Cookies How They Work | Best Plugin Explained for Beginners! In 2021

what is website cookies? You must have seen cookies at some time while using the Internet. Do you know what is cookies meaning? Do you want to know How They work Website Cookies? HTTP What is a cookie? Definition of cookies, What is Internet Cookies? So this article is for you only.

As per RFC 2109 February 1997, any website uses third-party cookies to store the user’s data in its website, then it has to show the user that it is using the information related to it. For this, a notification comes on the screen of the user’s device, which the user can allow on his own.

In this article I have given complete information about types of website cookies and how it works, and what are the Best 5 Plugins for this. By reading this article, you will easily understand What is website cookies, so let’s go to the point of considering time as important.

What is Website Cookies How They Work | Best Plugin  Explained for Beginners! In 2021
What is a Website Cookie?

Website Cookie, when you visit a website through a browser and if cookies are enabled on that website then there will be a notification of cookies on your screen when you allow it, then how much time you have spent on that website, What did you search on that website, which web page is opened, and all the information from Keyword to Password is saved as a text file in your Browser Device.

I will About you in this article.
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This text file itself is called Website Cookie. This gives you the advantage that when you visit that website again, that website starts to load faster than before and according to the information of Searches on the website, you are also shown ads. In this way, it also proves useful for you.

When you go to delete the history of your browser then you get the option of cookies and other site data, if you delete the cookies, then the size of your browser decreases. Now you must have understood What is website cookies let’s now know how many types of this are there.

Types of Website Cookies

When do you know what is Website Cookie? So you should also know its types. These Website Cookies are divided into 4 parts. Which are as follows;

  1. Session Cookies
  2. Persistent Cookies
  3. HTTP Only Cookies
  4. Secure Cookies

How They Work Website Cookies

Do you know that both visitors and websites benefit from saving website cookies? If you do not know, then let me tell you How They Work Website Cookie. At the point when you visit a website cookies are saved in your browser.

Through which the website gets information about you, in which you have interest, when you visit that website again, you will get the result according to that information. Let me explain to you by example.

For example; When a person searches a mobile phone on an Amazon website and then searches by entering the name of a brand such as Samsung Mobile Phone, and then he gets exposed from that website due to some of his work.

Whenever that person visits that website, then only Samsung’s phone is shown on the front page of Amazon at which rate he searched and that website is also Fast Load.

Apart from this, when you go to another website, Google also shows you related ads from that search. You must also have seen such Ads of Google Ads on Facebook, Youtube, etc. Now you must have understood How They Work Website Cookies.

Best 5 Plugins For Website Cookies

If you have a website and you also want to enable cookies on your website, then you can do this very easily with the help of a Plugin. Here below, I have mentioned the names of Best 5 Plugins, out of which you can enable cookies on your website by using any plugin. These plugins are as follows;

  • Cookie Consent by Securiti.ai
  • Cookie Notice By factory
  • Cookie Law Info
  • EU Cookie Law
  • Italy Cookie Choices

When you enable cookies on your website by using the Plugin, you can also give information about it on the important pages of your website.

Through which you can tell your visitors that we will keep your personal information safe and it will not cause any harm to you and you can tell all the terms and conditions so that the visitors trust your website. There are also chances of traffic increase on your website.

Conclusion :- What is Website Cookies

I hope that you have read this article of mine carefully and have understood well What is website cookies? What are cookies? Turn on cookies, What are web cookies, What are Internet cookies?

I have also explained the type of What is Website Cookies and How They Work Website Cookies in this article. Along with this, I have also told you about the Best 5 Plugins, with the help of which you can easily enable cookies in your website and have given information about them.

These Cookies files do not take much storage in your device as their file size is less than 4 KB. Due to these, visitors save both time and data.

Whenever visitors log in to a website, due to the cookie enabled on that website, What is Website Cookies when visitors allow cookies in their browser, then the ID along with their other information is also saved, so that sometimes they go to that website. If they do not have to enter the password again, login is done as soon as they click on Login.

If you have found this article of mine a little helpful, then share it with the needy people and if you do not understand anything, then you can comment.

FAQ:- What is Website Cookies

While researching on the Internet, I saw that What is Website Cookies? There were many problems and questions related to people from which I will try to answer some important questions in this article. Which are as follows;

Q.1 Does your website become slow when you use cookies?

Ans. What is website Cookies Yes, a website indeed slows down when using cookies, but there is not too much slowing so that it can have any effect on ranking because cookies do not have many sizes. Yes, you can remove the unnecessary data of the website, so that the loading speed of the website does not have much effect.

Q.2 Should cookies be used?

Ans. Yes, cookies should be used because it allows you to track the visitors to the website, how many visitors came to which web page, which visitors, how much time was spent, what was searched, etc., and much other information. is. So we can say that cookies should be used.

Q.3 Should Cookies be hidden from Reader?

Ans. No, you should not hide cookies about readers. You should give information about it on the important pages of your website and should also tell that we will keep your personal information safe. Our purpose is just to provide you convenience according to your interest. By doing this, the visitors’ trust in your website will increase, which also increases the traffic.

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