What is Page Experience? Latest Update (I help you) New SEO Ranking Factor in 2021

What is Page Experience Do your users return to your website’s web page soon and due to this reason, your web page is not able to rank in Google’s search engine? If yes, then you need to know  what has been the latest update.

According to uxcam.com, if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, then 40% of the users return from that website. And if users do not get a good experience from any website, then the 88% chance of users visiting that website is reduced.

Do you know what is Google’s priority? No, I tell him the experience of his users. Google makes every effort, due to which the experience of its users will be good. Therefore, it gives great importance to Page Experience. If users are getting good experience from the web page of a website, then Google quickly ranks the website of the same blogger. And for websites whose web page users experience is not good, Google downs their web page.

If you do not want this to happen with your web page, then what is your article Page Experience Read the latest update carefully. In this article, I will tell you what are What is page experience, What are the Ranking Factors of Page Experience, What are the Criteria of Page Experience, How to Prepare Your Website for Updates. This article is going to be very useful for you.

So let’s first start with What is page experience

What is Page Experience?

What is Page Experience?
What is page Experience

What is Page Experience is a group of signals that measures how much time a user spends on a website’s web page and what activities they do on that web page. The Page Experience consists of web vitals which are a set of metrics that work to measure the performance, visual stability, and interactivity of the web page.

There are still many bloggers who do not know that What happens on Page Experience | In other words, Page Experience is the SEO-specific term used by Google to measure the specific term of a web page of a website. In which Core Web Vitals have a very big role.

Let me understand this through an example that you went to a mall to buy black shoes for yourself. There you went to such a shoe shop which looked good and seemed to work for you. But when you enter that shop, there is no proper way to deal with there.

Just opposite of this, when you enter another shoe shop, then you are dealt with well there so that you get a good experience from that shop. And you are satisfied and buy black shoes.

The same happens on Google’s search engine result page when a user searches on a topic and opens one of the web pages shown there. Then the user does whatever activity on that web page like checking online products you have added to your blog or clicking on an image or if you have an education blog then check its details, class, books, etc. All of that is measured in the Page Experience.

Now you must understand what is Page Experience. Let me tell you about the Ranking Factors of Page Experience.

What are Google’s Ranking Factors?

By the way, Google has many ranking factors to measure the web page of any website. Some of the important ranking factors I have mentioned here.

  • User Experience
  • Backlinks
  • AMP
  • Freshness
  • Topic Authority
  • Content Depth
  • Search Intent
  • Content Accuracy
  • Web Page Loading Speed

Just some time ago, Google has announced that the highest importance among the ranking factors of any web page will now be given to Page Experience.

What are the Criteria of Page Experience?

Page Experience has 5 Main Criteria which are as follows.

  1. Core Web Vitals

First Page Experience comes with Core Web Vitals, which Google has launched some time ago. Core Web Vitals is a group of metrics that measure the loading, interactivity, and visual stability of any web page. If you want your website to rank in Google’s search engine, then your website needs to have good performance in all three. It can also be called SEO metrics.

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Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

For the user’s experience to be good for your website, first of all, the loading speed of your page must be good. Which Google measures through LCP. According to Google, the loading speed of any web page is considered to be 2.5 sec best. And when 4 sec, Google needs to be prompted for improvement, if the loading speed is more than 4 sec, then it is considered to be the poor result of that page.

First Input Delay (FID)

In the first Input Delay (FID), the web page is measured in the same way as Largest Contentful Paint (LCP). In this, if the user’s Interact on your web page is 100 milliseconds, then it is considered to be the best. If 300 ms, then improvement is called. And if more than 300 ms, the FID is placed in the poor category.

Cumulative Layout shift (CLS)

Through the Cumulative Layout shift, the visual stability of the web page of the website is measured. If the CLS of your website’s web page is 0.1, then it will be considered good. And if there is 0.25, then Needs will be asked for improvement. But if CLS is more than 0.25, it will be considered as poor CLS.

  1. Mobile Usability

Mobile usability comes on second no in Google Search console’s Page Experience. According to Google, in mobile usability, it is measured that when a user opens your web page in their mobile, then your web page should be mobile-friendly. Meaning there is no problem in opening your web page on your mobile.

  1. Security Issues

Security Issues comes on Third No. In this, the security issues of your web page URL are measured. If you write your blog or sell online products on your blog or are related to your blog eduction, then you need the personal details of your users (customers).

According to Google, you should keep your personal information of Visitors confidential. If the security issues of the URLs of your web page are fixed, then only the right tick is shown on the page experience.

  1. HTTPS Usage

In HTTPS Usage, it is measured whether your website is secure for users or not because Google and users trust your website only when your website is secure from HTTPS. And for HTTPS Security you need SSL Certificate. If you want to tick right in the page experience signals, then your website should be secure with HTTPS.

  1. Ad Experience

In Ad Experience, it is measured that users should not have any problem with the advertisements you have placed, because when a user opens your web page and if it repeatedly shows up pop up of ads, then it will help your user Focus on the content is not possible, due to which it does not get a good experience from your website.

With which it returns soon from your website. The result of which is that the bounce rate starts increasing. For Google, first comes the experience of its users. If users do not get a good experience from your website, then Google starts to down your website, so you must take care that users do not have any problem with the ads you put on your page.

Latest Updates

The updates that will be made in mid-June in Google Search Console’s Page Experience are as follows.

  1. Major Update

In Google Algorithm these implements (core web vitals, mobile usability, security issues, HTTPS usage, and ads experience) out of which core web vitals will play the most important role in page experience.

Core web vitals will greatly affect the ranking of any web page.

According to Google’s new policies, there will be no requirement for the AMP format after this update. And with this, the core web vitals score or page experience will be eligible to show the top stories carousel of any page. Along with this, Google News App is also coming which will be added to the page experience. These updates will roll out by August or mid-September 2021.

  1. Broad Core Update

In Broad Core Update, the backlinks to be applied to any web page will be updated in the Qualities and Page speed loading.

  1. Minor Update

In the Minor update, some modifications will be done on the micro algorithm. In which an attempt will be made to improve the search result and user experience daily.

Why is Page Experience Update necessary?

Why and how do you think Google ranks any website? Do you have an idea of ​​this, do you not think that only websites with buttons on-page code rank or only websites with the best backlinks rank at the top. But friends, let me tell you that there is nothing like this.

Google ranks any website by looking at the experience of the users. Meaning a user did some search in google’s search engine and if that user clicks on your web page from the websites shown on SERP. And if that user gets a good experience from your website then the only google will rank your website.

I have just told you how Google will count the experience of its users. But it is important to be updated on it. Update Google of Page Experience will be of great help. This will make it easier for Google to know about the interest of its users. With which Google will be able to give even more deep results to its uses.

How to Prepare Your Website for Updates?

As you know, you will have to prepare your website now for the updates that are going to be done in mid-June. Here I will tell you how you can prepare your website for updates. For which these 6 points are as follows.

1.Select a good Web Hosting Service
2.Make the website Mobile Friendly
3.Keep the loading speed of the website right
4.Pay attention to the safety of the website
5.Write quality content on the website 
6.Avoid applying Annoying Ads
Website for Updates?

Conclusion: What is Page Experience: Latest Update

In this article, I told you that What is page experience | In simple words, Page Experience is a group of signs that measure what activities a user does on a website.

What kind of experience does the user get from that website? If the user gets a good experience from that website’s web page, then Google ranks that website on the search engine result page. For Google, its User Experience is the most important. That’s why Google keeps updating new ones to improve its user experience.

In 2020, Google announced that it will update the page experience. This rollout will be until mid-June. You will benefit from Page experience update that URL status in Core web vitals will be good. There will be no problem regarding mobile usability and security issues.

Along with this, I told you about Google’s Ranking Factors and why Page Experience Update is necessary. What the latest updates will be in Google Algorithm and how to prepare your website for updates, all this information will help you in ranking your website’s web page in Google’s SERP.

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