What is internal linking and why is it important in SEO? for beginners 2021

Have you ever done internal linking for your blog? Do you know how much damage can be done to your blog by not doing internal linking? If not, for this you will first have to know What is Internal Linking and why it is important in SEO? for beginners

Internal linking is used 99% by bloggers all over the world. Is this a surprise! Internal linking is used more because it is very important for SEO. The remaining 1% of the bloggers are those who have started a new blog and are not aware of internal linking.

What is internal linking and why is it important in SEO? for beginners 2021
What is internal linking and why is it important in SEO? for beginners 2021

Bloggers who have already been blogging would be well aware of Internal Linking, but those who have just started writing Blog, then let me tell about Internal Linking that Internal Linking On-Page SEO comes under its Through this, you can get your blog ranked at the top in Google’s Search Engine.

Do you also want your blog to rank on the first page in Google’s Search Engine Result Page (SERPs)? If yes, I will give you complete information about Internal Linking in this article by which you too can make your blog in SERPs. Can be ranked on the first page. This article is going to be very useful for you, so do not miss even one of its points. So let’s start with (what is internal linking?) 

What Is Internal Linking?

Internal Linking, while writing an article in a blog post of your website, give the link of the Topic related to that topic to your other blog post, then it is called Internal Linking. Internal Linking is also known as Hyperlinking.

Friends, do you know how Google’s Search Engine reaches your website? No, I tell you if your website’s pages or posts are linked to your website or blog of any other website, then Google needs to find it It is easy.

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Internal links are mainly used to make the strategy of the website. With this, a blog of your website remains connected to your other blog and your visitors use different posts of the website through your internal link so that your visitors stay on your blog for maximum time.

It is also worth noting that if you have done the On-Page SEO of your website well then your website will soon start ranking in Google’s search engine.

Why Internal Linking is Important in SEO?

Like, now you know what internal linking is? Have you ever thought that why internal linking is necessary for SEO?

Friends, what happens to you that visitors leave soon from your blog? And do you want this not to happen so that your visitors stay on your blog for maximum time? If yes, then for that you must first know how Google’s search engine works?

Google discovers any new content only through internal linking. Just like if you put a new blog post on your website and did not give any internal linking in it, then this post of yours is of no use because there is not a single internal linking in it. Google’s Crawler is unable to search your website.

According to Google, if your New Webpage contains a link to your other WebPage matched to one of your topics, then Google’s Crawler comes to your New WebPage via your old WebPage which would have already been listed in the Google search engine. Is Internal linking is the link between your webpage and Google’s search engine.

How to do internal linking: 8 Easy Ways

Have you done internal linking before? Do you know how to do internal linking? what is internal linking? If not, here I will tell you 8 ways that you will be able to do internal linking easily.

1. Internal Linking as per Reader’s facility

Always make your content according to the interest of the reader. Analyze whether your readers are liking your article or which topic they find more interesting in your article. If you analyze the Readers’ experience well then you can get a benefit from it.

Now you must be wondering how you will benefit from this? I tell you when you are writing a new blog post, then you can give a link to your blog post instead of the topic meeting that topic so that your readers can access more and more pages of your blog through your internal linking. I Will read so that they will spend more time on your blog.

2. Internal Linking according to the structure of your website

When you do Off-Page SEO of your website, it must be noted that it is according to a structure, only then Google’s Crawlers will be able to search your website’s web pages more. If you have decided to write the blog post of your website, then post it according to a structure.

Just like Homepage comes first in the Structure of the website, followed by Important Pages (Almond Widgets, Blue Widgets, and Cyan Widgets), followed by your Post.

3. Give more internal linking to some pages of the website

Do you have the idea that most bloggers give more internal linking to some pages of their website? Why so? If you do not know, then I tell you that they do this because it is very important for some important pages of the website like Home Page SEO, if you give more internal linking in your homepage or other pages then it will help your readers and Google’s Crawlers. Through your internal link, you can easily access different web pages of your website.

If you are a new blogger, then you should also give more internal linking to some pages of your website, but keep in mind that your internal linking should not be more than necessary. If Internal Linking is more, then it will not have a good effect on your readers and your blog will look like in front of them as if you have done Stuffing of Internal Linking.

To get your website ranked on the first page of Google’s Search Engine Result Page (SERPs), you have to do the On-Page SEO of your post properly. what is internal linking? When you are writing a new blog post, instead of a related topic from your topic in that post, give a link to your other post itself, do not give a link to any other topic.

If you have more time while blogging, then you can also give a link to your old blog, but keep in mind that it matches your topic. By linking posts written on the same topic, the chances of ranking your blog increase.

One way of internal linking of the pages of the website is in such a way that first comes the homepage of your website, Category 1 and Category 2 then your post comes. To do internal linking of the pages, Firstpost has to be linked in Second Post, Second Post in Third Post, Third Post in Fourth Post, Fourth Post in Firstpost.

6. Do not add more links to the same post or page.

Like I said above that Internal Linking? Therefore, you should never add more links to a single post or page.

Adding more links on the same page will confuse your readers that from which topic they will get the correct information? The result of which will be that due to a lack of correct information, your readers will soon leave your blog.

Do you know how many links can be added to a post or page? If not, I can tell you that in a post or page you can add about 10 to 15 internal links.

Have you ever heard of Broken Linking? No, I tell you as you must know from the name that Broken Links means “links” which have been “Broke” are not working. There is a 404 Error Not Found show in Broken Links.

If you have linked a page in a blog post of your website and removed it after some time, then the link that you put on the page of that blog post becomes Broke and this is called Broken Link.

When this 404 Error Not Found show happens to your visitors and Google’s Search Engine Bots, then from the perspective of SEO, the wrong Impact of your website is not good for your website, so be sure to remove the Internal Broken Links.

When you decide which internal link you want to put on which topic, then in the blog post of Paragraph, you have to add the Keyword Anchor Text in such a way that the Anchor Text matches the title of your other blog post. So that your visitors can easily click on it.

Benefits of internal linking

  • Internal linking is very important from the point of view of SEO, as well as internal linking has great benefits to Blogger.
  • Internal linking is very useful to expand the blog post of your website.
  • With internal linking, you can increase the views of your page.
  • With Internal Linking you can do a Rank Increase of your pages.
  • Through internal linking, you can stop your visitors for more time on your blog post.
  • Internal Linking helps Google’s Crawlers to search your website.
Difference between Internal Linking or External Linking

New Bloggers have little confusion regarding Internal Linking and External Linking. Like I have told you earlier in this article (Internal linking)

Internal LinkingExternal Linking When you give a link to other pages of the same website in a page of a website, it is called Internal Linking. When the link to the page of another website is given on the page of your website, it is called External Linking. Internal Linking. By doing this, the ranking of your website increases in search engines. By doing external linking, the ranking of another website increases in search engines. Internal linking is Free. External linking is both Paid and Free. They are also called Inbound Linking. They are also called outbound linking. Internal linking relates to one domain. External linking relates to websites with other domains.

Conclusion: What is Internal Linking?

When you write a topic in your blog post and instead of that topic, you give a link to your other blog post by meeting the same topic, it is called Internal Linking.

In this article, you learned that Internal Linking in SEO What is Internal Linking? And I have told you 8 such easy ways that you will be able to do internal linking easily like internal linking as per the facility of the reader, do internal linking according to the structure of your website, give more internal linking to some pages of the website, same Link the posts written on the topic, interlink the pages of the website in a hierarchical manner, do not add more links on the same post or page, remove the internal Broken Links, add the internal link in the Keyword Anchor Text Do it And I told you what are the benefits of internal linking?

Finally, what is the difference between Internal Linking or External Linking? In this article, I have tried to give you complete details about Internal Linking.

FAQ: What is Internal Linking?

Many Bloggers still have a lot of Confusion regarding Internal Linking. I will try my best to answer some important questions related to Internal Linking here.

Q1. How to add internal linking to HTML?

Ans. To add internal linking in HTML, first of all, you have to decide which page of your website you have to link the paragraph too, for that you change the URL from the ID of the last paragraph like

<a href = “#Link1 judging> My Link </a>

Here instead of href is the name of your second webpage where clicking on My Link navigates the visitors to the link, in this # means what time did you link.

<a name = “Link1 sentences> my link starts here </a>

In this way, any Visitor will reach you by clicking on your link.

Q2. How can you find internal linking opportunities on your website?

Ans. Many Bloggers (especially New Bloggers) do not know how to properly find internal linking opportunities in their websites. You can find internal linking opportunities in 2 ways: The first is Manually and the second is through Tools. Manually you can search by going in one by one page by Ctrl + F and in Tools, you can search in any Plugins by installing it.

Q3. No, how to add follow internal linking?

Ans. No follow internal linking can be added via plugins. There are many plugins available in WordPress.org to add no-follow internal linking. The best is the UitimateNofollow Plugin in WordPress.org. Activate the plugin and add the link to the text, it will show you a Pencil Icon, click on it and after opening the Gear Icon, a pop-up box will open. In that box you will see a checkbox -rel = nofollow, then you have to click on Add link. Your Dofollow link will be converted into a Nofollow link as soon as you click on Add Link.

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