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What is CTR : How to improve it? Do you know Are you aware of your Adsense CTR? Do you know what kind of problems you are going to face if your Adsense CTR is low? No, if you do not know the answers to all these questions, then I will give you complete information about Adsense CTR in this article What is CTR.

I have noticed this many times that most blogger uses Adsense for monetization strategy but one thing to make clear to you that Adsense is a CPC based network in which you get money per click and not for Impression.

What is CTR | How to improve it?

What is CTR Adsense works in such a way that if you have 100 Views (Impressions) on your Ads and out of them you have 8 clicks on your Ads, then your Adsense CTR will be considered as 8%, and not you will consider 100 Views as Adsense CTR.

Those bloggers who have been blogging already will know what is CTR? (But what is CTR ) But I would like to tell those who are bloggers new that there are many types of CTR, but in today’s What is CTR related to Adsense I will tell you about.

CTR is very important to maintain advertising and to increase the money further, but sometimes many blogger’s Adsense CTR is reduced and once Adsense CTR is low, the effect first falls on your earning.

If you do not want your Adsense CTR to below, then you will read every point of this article carefully. This article is going to be very helpful for you, so let’s start What is CTR|

What is CTR (Click Through Rate)?

CTR is per though click rate on ads shown on any website. Many websites earn through CTR. Suppose that CTR is a good way to earn money through the website. CTR is otherwise called Click Through Rate.

What is CTR confuse mostly new bloggers about this question? CTR means how many times your Adsense has been clicked. CTR is the link between Views (Impression) and Clicks such as how many times your ads have been viewed by a Visitor or how many times they have been shown to visitors.

In simple words, the number of times a visitor has clicked on the total Impression of your Ads is called CTR (Click Through Rate). like

What is CTR! Number of Clicks / Number of Exposures

Do you know that Adsense CTR Earning is very less in India? If not, let me tell you this is right. In India, Adsense Earing is less, but if you worked well for this, then you can make a sizeable income from Adsense, for that you have to focus on CTR and CPC meaning Click Through Rate and Cost per Click.

To understand CTR, first of all, you have to know how the calculation of CTR is calculated, so let’s start.

How to calculate Adsense CTR?

How to calculate Adsense CTR?

Now you have understood that What is CTR but do you know what is the formula of CTR? And how does Google Adsense calculate CTR? If not, I will try to understand you in a very simple way here, what is the CTR Level formula? And how does Google Adsense calculate CTR?

All Number of Ad Clicks / All Number of Impressions = CTR (Click Through Rate)

  • As you have seen in the Formule, if 100 impressions have come on your ads and you have clicked on it 20 times, then your Adsense CTR will be considered 20%.
  • It is also important to consider that the higher your CTR, the better the ads you will get and the more clicks you will get according to those ads.

Do you know that Adsense CTR is never calculated for your different websites? Rather, it is always calculated for your Adsense account only. Just like if you have 3 to 4 different websites and the CTR of one of them is very useless, then it will affect all your Adsense Account CTR.

How to check Ads CTR?

How to check Ads CTR?

Like, now you know what is CTR ? (CTR of Meaning) and how to calculate it? But do you know how to check Adsense CTR? If you do not know, then it is a problem for you. how? If you will not be able to check your Adsense CTR, then you will not know how much your Adsense CTR is? More or less?

Do you know how much Adsense CTR should be? No, let me tell you

  • Ads CTR should always be less than 15%, if your CTR is more than 15% then your Adsense will be closed for a lifetime.

To check Adsense CTR, first of all, you have to go to your Google Adsense account and then open the Adsense account there, then refresh the home page, when the page is loaded then you will have a performance chart visible in that you will get your CPC, CTR, RPM, Clicks, and Impressions.

There you can also check it according to Day By Day. If you want to check in Detail, then for that you will click on Interface Reports in your Dashboard, then you will find it in all the details.

If your Adsense CTR is 12 to 13%, then you must immediately remove Google Adsense from your blog, for that you will have to give an application to Google Adsense that you have not done Invalid Activities in your Adsense, and after that Google Adsense will be your Earing Cuts it and saves it in Google Adsense. Then after 24 to 48 hours, you can put Google Adsense on your website again.

How to increase Adsense CTR: 7 Simple Tips

Here I will tell you 7 such simple tips by using which you can increase your Adsense CTR.

1. Focus on the size of the ads

Friends, many bloggers often make the mistake that they only focus on Ads and not on the size of Ads! Do you also make the same mistake? If yes, your Adsense CTR will also be down.

By CTR down I mean that there will be fewer clicks on your Ads. The fewer clicks you have, the lower your Ads CTR will be, so you should always pay attention to the length and breadth of your ads, as well as give a standard color to the colors of your ads so that your visitors will find them attractive. I Will click more and more

2. Create Mobile-Friendly Blog Post

Friends, you must be aware that in today’s time more Searches are done than Mobile, but do you know how many Percent Searches are done daily only from Mobile? No, I tell you that only daily searches from mobile are up to 70%. Isn’t it wonderful!

This is because the facility of Internet has become very good in 2021 and most people have a mobile to search, you can carry it easily anywhere. Therefore, you must make your blog post-mobile-friendly.

If your blog post will be mobile-friendly, then your visitors will get a good experience and the ads that will be shown on your blog will have more clicks so that your Adsense CTR will be good.

3. Stay Focused on Your Topic

This tip is going to be very important to increase your CTR (Click Through Rate). Good content brings more and more visitors.

Do you know that many bloggers make countless websites? On which they are not able to focus well and their result is that their Adsense CTR starts decreasing.

It is worth noting that if the What is CTR of any one of your countless websites is reduced, then it will influence the CTR of all your websites.

So you should always stick to your topic. You should create as many websites about which you have good information and you can give correct information to your visitors, this will benefit you that the What is CTR of your Adsense will increase.

4. Allow only ads with high CPC

First of all, you have to decide which type of ads you want more on your website? Low CPC or high CPC?

If you do not know which of the two is better? So let me tell you that with low CPC (Cost Per Click) ads, you will have to put more ads on your website and due to more ads, the loading speed of your website will be reduced, which will result that your visitors will not stay on your website for much longer. Which will increase the Bounce Rate. This won’t be useful for your blog.

So always allow only higher CPC (Cost Per Click).

5. Do not put more ads on your website

Like I told you earlier that you should not put more ads on your website, this reduces the number of visitors to your website, because in 2021 life has become very fast, the visitors should find the topic that they have searched for quickly. If you get a good service from your website, then it will increase your Adsense CTR.

6. Lower the Bounce Rate

Do you know that Adsense CTR also depends on how long a visitor has stayed on your website? No, then I tell you that Adsense CTR (Click Through Rate) increases only when visitors stay on your website for maximum time.

There are 2 important reasons to increase the Bounce Rate, first is that your content is not good, and the second is to put fewer CPC ads on your website. Both of these reduce your Adsense CTR. So you have to focus on both of them well.

To reduce the bounce rate, you have to make your content meaningful and interesting and put more CPC ads on your website.

7. Focus on Organic Traffic

The most important thing is that you should focus on Organic Traffic because it is the best idea to increase Adsense CTR if there are Organic Clicks on the Ads of your website, then this will increase your Ads CTR. You can increase your Organic Traffic through Google’s search engine, Youtube, Facebook Page, through Pinterest.

Difference between Website CTR and Adsense CTR

Do you know the difference between Website CTR and Ads CTR? Do you consider both Websites CTR and Ads CTR the same? Yes, if you consider both Website CTR and Ads CTR to be the same, then let me tell you that this is not the case at all. Let me explain the difference between Website CTR and Ads CTR.

You must be wondering what is CTR of a website.

Website CTR is called when a visitor searches for a topic in Google’s Search Engine and if the Impression of your blog’s article appears on the first page of Google’s Search Engine Result Page (SERPs) to the Visitor if that Visitor is your article. But if he clicks, the same is called Website Click Through Rate (CTR).

Your article appears on the first page of Google’s SERPs only when you have done both the what are SEO backlink of your website (eg On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO).

Now you must be thinking what is Adsense CTR? (What is CTR)

Adsense CTR tells him that when a visitor comes to your article by clicking on the Impression of your website, then he is shown some ads by Google Adsense. If the visitor clicks on that ads, then he is called Ads Click Through Rate (CTR). Goes

What is CTR Adsense CTR is very important for Technical SEO.

Conclusion: What is CTR

Friends, like in this article, you have known what is CTR? CTR refers to the relation between Impression and Ads. And in this article, you have learned how to calculate Ads CTR?

You can easily check Ads CTR on the Homepage of Google Adsense Account and in this article, I have given you 7 absolutely simple tips by using which you can improve your Ads CTR.

For example, by focusing on the size of the ads, by creating a mobile-friendly blog post, by staying focused on your topic, allow only the ads with higher CPC, What is CTR this will improve the experience of your visitors for your blog, by reducing the Bounce Rate, You can do all this through SEO (ON Page SEO and OFF Page SEO) by focusing on How to increase traffic. In this article, I have tried my best to tell you the differences between Website CTR and Ads CTR.

FAQ: What is CTR (Click Through Rate)?

CTR is very important for Technical SEO. But many users still have a little confusion about What is CTR. I will try my best to clear their confusion by answering their questions here.

Q1: Can CTR go above 100 also?

Ans: Many users have this confusion about whether the CTR can go above 100 or not? So let me tell them that it is not at all like that CTR never goes above 100. CTR should always be less than 100, if it is higher then it affects your ads, as a result of which, then you do not get ads with high CPC.

Q2: How much CTR is right for Adsense?

Ans: If you have known What is CTR, then you should also know how much Adsense CTR should be. CTR for Adsense is up to 15%, if it is more than this, then Google Adsense Account can also be at risk but there is nothing to worry about because CTR is checked monthly wise. You should always see your page CTR at 28 days old, in that you will rarely see page CTR.

Q3: In which place CTR is used?

Ans: CTR (Click Through Rate) is used quite a lot, but mostly Website, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Adsense use more for these.

Q4: Increase SEO Rankings by Manipulating CTR

Ans: Improve your SEO ranking terms by increasing the clicks of your keywords with the help of organic website traffic generators. CTR is the main SEO factor that shows positive signals from Google users.

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