How to Start an SEO Campaign? | SEO for New bloggers | Easy to Rank #1 In Google in 2021

how to start an SEO campaign in 2021. In this article, we tell you If you want to start an SEO campaign, then you have to keep a lot of factors in mind to be successful in it.

Before starting How to start an SEO campaign, you have to know how today’s SEO works.As we know the SEO trend changes very quickly. Google regularly updates its algorithm.

Therefore we need to do an SEO campaign to keep our website up to date.Is post me we will tell you how to start an SEO campaign.

How to Start SEO Campaign

Step # 1: Search Keywords

Keyword research is the initial first step of any successful start an SEO campaign plan.Today is this article, we will come to you on how to find keywords.

Google keyword planner

Google Keyword Organizer Planner is Google’s free keyword research tool.One of the special features of Google Planner is that ISCA data comes from Direct Google.To use Google Planner, all you have to do is enter the word in the “Fund New Keywords” field and you will get a list of keyword ideas.

Note down some keywords related to your business. We will come forward to you on how to select the best keyword from the list.

Try keyword

The keyword is the best tool for finding keyword ideas. This is a free tool that shows the keyword idea with the credit pay subreddit.

Try keyword

You just have to type the specific well-known (eg, / r / SEO) in this keyword tool and it will display the list of keywords along with the search volume for you.

You can use the keyword tool to search for keywords that are not very competitive.

3.KWFinder: long-tail keywords

KWFinder is a keyword that you can use for long-tail keyword ideas.Are you can highlight low competition long-tail keywords with the help of keywords.

4.Steal Competitors’ Keywords

If you want to find the keywords of your competitors on which keywords they are ranking, then SEMRush or Ahrefs is the best option for you.

There is no difference from this et which part of the tool you are using will be the same for your process bit. The first thing that you have to do is to find a competitor who rakes you well in SEO.

After that, you enter our contestant has tooled me. You will get a list of all the keywords for which that site is ranking.

5. Choose your 10 keywords

Now that you have a list of keywords, select your keyword. But you should choose the how to best keyword. There are a few things that you have to keep in mind while choosing keywords.

1.Less Competition: If you are a starter while starting SEO, the keyword you are choosing must be less competition. Now how do you know that the keyword that you have selected has been low competed? To check the competition of your keyword, you should refer us to the search result of the keyword.

If we are ranking very official sites on a keyword then you should change our keyword. Also if you want an accurate result then you can use the keyword research tool. The Keyword Tool will tell you which keywords are competitive.

2. High Search Volume: Now you have to see how much search volume is the keyword you have selected. You have to select such keywords whose search volume is high.

The more popular keywords are, the more competitive they are. Therefore you have to choose less popular keywords that have less competition and higher search volume.

Step # 2: Publish Great Content

A. If you have a list of keywords, then you should publish the content by optimizing the content around the keywords. A thing that comes, for the kind of content that you rank in 2021, for the sake of:

Long, Comprehensive Content: A few days ago if you like short content then you rank in Google with easy posture, but this is not the case in 2021. The changing long content of an industry report ranks well in Google.

You need that you should cover all the things related to the subject, like me, in one page. If you like the content that gives the user a piece of complete information, then Google ranks such content very quickly.

Visual material

Visual content plays a very important role in your search engine ranking. Particularly with regards to social sharing. If you want social media sharing of your content then add your post to my visual content.

Publish “Official” Content

If you want a backlink on your content, then you can publish official content. Official content is content that does not contain repeated information. Posts such as Google soon provide your site a high rank.

Step # 3: On-Site Optimization

Now that you have taken high-quality content eg, the next phase of your SEO campaign has started. Content optimization

As we go, SEO has changed a lot in a few years. In step me we will tell you how to optimize your site properly.

1. Short, keyword-rich URLs

Many people underestimate URLs in on-page SEO. But you must know that the URL is very important.

You need to make your URL shorter and keyword reach. You can see our article in which we have to focus on our URL head keyword.

2. Front My Rakhi To Your Target Keywords

While creating your title tag you should try that you can put your target keyword in the front. Because Google weights the first terms coming to your Tittle Tag Me.

3. Make me include the first 150 words of the keyword

Include the first 150 words of my target keyword for your content. Because when Google sees a keyword in the HTML of your page first, then there is a significant compromise.

You must connect the old posts on your site to the new posts. Do internal links help Google to search and index your site? In addition, internal linking provides link authority to your site which helps your page to rank better.

5.Use Synonyms Keywords

Finally use synonyms for your Post Me keyword. Using synonyms for keywords will help Google better resolve your content.

For example, if your main keyword is “SEO Technique”, then you should use synonyms like “Search Engine Optimization Strategy” “SEO Tips”.

How to start an SEO campaign Your SEO campaign cannot end without link building. Wiki is still an important part of the link Google algorithm.

You can follow some of the top techniques for creating links.

1. Email Outreach

If you are serious about the SEO of your site then you should use email outreach. If you use the email outreach method, you can get a legal link from the official site on the water site.

For what if you share your content in a logo that has a lot of chance for use by sharing that your site will get a link to the official site.

2. Guest posting

Guest posting is a solid link-building strategy using which you can create backlinks on your site.

While posting the guest, keep in mind that you should post only on your respective sitar. If your site is on digital marketing then you should post guests on the digital marketing site only.

If you do not post a guest on your niche site, Google can also penalize you.

Step # 5: Track Results

Now your last step is that you know what your SEO campaign is performing. start an SEO campaign To find out what you can do with Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

You can track your organic traffic with the help of Google Analytics. Google Search Console will help you find your keyword ranking. Include these steps in your SEO campaign and increase the traffic of your website.

How to Start an SEO Campaign?

Hopefully, you have found this article of SEO Campaign (How to Start an SEO Campaign?) informative. For any other problem, please comment below. If you liked the post, please share.

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