How to Start a Blog in 10 Minutes – Simple & Easy (Step-by-Step)

how to start a blog, Are you thinking of starting a blog? Do you want to know then this article of mine is going to prove very helpful for you.

It is not as difficult as some people understand it. The field of blogging is very large and the number of bloggers is increasing day by day. If you have a talent to write and have some good ideas that you want to share with more people, then this field is very good for you.

You can also earn money by sharing your thoughts with people through Blogging, which can also set your life.

In this article, I have told step by step process to start a blog. If you read this article well and follow all the steps, then you will learn how to start a blog in 10 minutes.

But if you miss any step by mistake, then you can read to face problems in starting a blog. Therefore, I would say that after reading this article thoroughly, after understanding all the steps, and then follow it, then you can start a blog very easily.

How To Start a Blog Step by Step Process

How to Start a Blog in 10 Minutes - Simple & Easy (Step-by-Step)
How to Start a Blog

To start a blog, you have to follow some steps. Here I have explained step by Step Process for Start a Blog, with the help of which you can start a blog easily.

Step 1. Motivation

The first step of Start a Blog is a Motivation means that you should know what your purpose is to start Blogging, if you have not decided the purpose for your website, then there is no point in blogging.

All bloggers have a purpose about their blog website, for which they are blogging. Therefore, before going to the Blogging Field, you have to set an objective as to why you want to do Blogging.

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Do you aim to make money from Blogging or do you want to blog only for your hobby, do you want to change your website in business later or you want to sell it to someone else after a certain time? In this way, you should also set a purpose before starting a blog so that you can make your website successful.

Let me explain this to you by example like; Take Amazon itself. In today’s time, Amazon has become a brand that people search for their name on search engines and visit Direct on that website. If the owner of the Amazon website had run his website without any purpose, then in today’s time, that website would not have become such a big online shopping website.

He aimed to make his website a brand. So now you must have understood how important it is to set a purpose before starting a blog. If you understand this step then let me tell you about the Next Step Niche.

Step 2. Niche

When you decide the purpose of Blogging, then it comes to Niche. When you have to start a blog, you also have to decide which Niche that website will be related to. The blog posts that will be published on it will be on which topic.

You should select such a Niche for the website in which you have an interest and you also have good knowledge about that Niche so that you can prepare a good blog post. You should also keep in mind that the Niche you have selected for the website, should publish a blog post related to the same Niche.

These niches are also of 2 types, the first is without Niche and the second is Micro Niche. Many people blogging without Niche, such bloggers are unable to rank on the website Search Engine because they keep publishing content related to different topics on their website, which reduces the ranking of website ranking.

Similarly, people who start a blog by selecting Micro Niche and publish a related blog post from the Niche of the website, soon make their website successful by ranking them on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Google also gives suggestions for choosing Micro Niche.

Because it has to prepare content in Detail by selecting a small part of a big topic. If you are a beginner blogger, then you should choose Micro Niche, you can write an article on such a topic, which is low on competition, and can easily get your website ranked high on Search Engine. So now you must have understood how important it is to choose a Niche.

Step 3. Hosting and Domain

Now that you have got a good idea about the purpose of Start a Blog and Niche, now I will tell you how to get the hosting and domain for the website. The hosting and domain-taking process is completed simultaneously because all the Web Hosting Provider Website Domains also provide.


By the way, there are many Web Hosting Provider Websites available on the Internet, out of which you can take Hosting from any Hosting Provider Website. But here I would advise you to take Hosting from Hostinger as I also use the same Web Hosting.

If you are a beginner blogger then you should get web hosting from Hostinger as Hostinger is a cheap and good web hosting. Let me tell you its process. which is like this ;

First of all, you have to search by typing Hostinger. in the search bar of the search engine.

After that, you will have to visit the official website of Hostinger is the result that will come on Search Engine.

When you come to the Hostinger Website, you will get the option of Menu in 3 Lines type, if you are a Beginner Blogger, then it is better to take Shared Web Hosting for you.

For this, you first click on the menu.

Then some options will come in front of you, from which you click on Hosting.

As soon as you click on Hosting, you will see some types of Hosting, from which you have to select Shared Web Hosting.

After selecting Shared Web Hosting, you have to come down by scrolling the page where you will see 3 Web Hosting Plans. The first one is Single Web Hosting, the second is Premium Web Hosting and the third is Business Web Hosting.

If you are a beginner blogger, then single web hosting or premium web hosting plan will be better for you. You can select either of them.

Let me show you by selecting Premium Web Hosting. Click Add To Cart to select.

As soon as you add Add Cart, there will be a new page open in front of you, where you will get to see the Offers according to the plan for a few months, which will also have a discount. You can select any offer according to you.

After this, you will get the option of Daily Backup below here, if you want to take Daily Backup for the security of your website, then you can select this option, for this also you have to pay Charge.

Here you also get an option of Cloudflare Protection, you can enable it to protect your website. For this also you have to Charge Pay This facility is available for Lifetime.

After this, you will get the option of Domain. In this search bar, you have to do a domain search for your website. You can see the domain that you have fixed for your website by searching here to see if it is available or not.

If the domain searched by you will be available, then it gets added to your Order Summary.

After this, in the Order Summary, you can see how much of the total Amount and Taxes of all the features were combined. After that, you can continue the further process by clicking on Checkout Now.

After clicking on Check Out Now, you will have a page open in front of you, where you will have to create an account.

Here you will be asked some details which you can submit and pay.

In this way, you can easily purchase Hosting and Domain. Let me now tell you about the Next Step.

Step 4. Infographic Design

The next step of Start a Blog is Infographic Design This process is done when Domain and Hosting are purchased. The website gets an address from the domain. But if you want to make the website a brand in the future, then you should also do a logo design for the website.

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You get many benefits by making the website brand, people visit your website direct by searching the name of your website on Search Engine which leads to Traffic Increase on your website and your website top in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Rank starts happening.

It is very important to make a good logo so that the website can get a different identity and a Banner can also be designed to add any product related to your website or related to any other business. Let me explain you by giving an example so that you can understand it easily.

Example; In today’s time, some many big popular websites and companies have become a brand and people look at their logo and identify that company as if you took the Apple company, it has become so popular that Even young children can recognize by seeing his logo.

In the same way, look at Amazon in Websites, she has also become a brand. So now you must have understood that how important the logo is to make the website a brand. But the logo of the website should be such that after seeing it, people will remember the name of your website. The logo should be unique design as well as simple.

Step 5. Install WordPress

When you purchase Domain and Hosting, you need to install WordPress, then let me tell you the process of installing WordPress. Do not miss even a single point of this process, otherwise, you may have a problem in installing WordPress. So let’s understand this process with the help of some points; First, you go to the Dashboard of Hostinger and click on Manage in Hosting there.

By clicking on Manage, you will be taken to the Hosting Control Panel where you will get a lot of options.

When you scroll down this page and you will get the option of Auto Installer, click on it.

There will be a new page open as soon as you click on Auto Installer, you will get WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, and other options from there, you have to select WordPress.

As soon as you select, a page will appear in which some settings will have to be done to install.

In its description option, you have to write the description of your website.

After this, in the second option, you have to select one from HTTP and HTTPS, from which you select HTTPS because it is Secure.

After that, you are written the name of your website meaning Domain Name.

After this, you have to enter the Administrator username in it and also create a password with which you can log in to your WordPress website.

After this, you also have to put Administrator Email in it and the Website Title is inserted in the Option of Website Title.

Then under this, you also get the option to select the language, you can select the language in which you want to blog.

When you have completed all the settings, you can easily install WordPress by clicking on Install.

Step 6. WordPress Settings

When you complete the process of installing WordPress, you have to do some important settings before using WordPress, which I am going to tell you by some points here.

These settings have to be understood carefully because if there is a single setting problem, then you may have problems in the future. Let me explain these settings;

When WordPress opens, you will find many options in its dashboard, in which you will also get the option of settings, click on it.

As soon as you click on Settings, you will get some options of setting, from which you first click on the option of Permalinks.

Once you select the permalinks, you will get the settings of the permalinks in which you will get the option of Common Setting, here you will have to choose the URL Structure for your website. Select whichever you feel is right.

While choosing the URL structure, remember that the URL should be short and simple, because Google also gives more importance to such URL structure and it should also include Post Name. By the way, you can select anyone according to your convenience.

After selecting the URL structure, click on the Save Changes.

After setting the permalink settings, you also have to do the General Settings, for which you have to click on the Option with the General of Settings. As soon as you click, you get the option to do General Settings.

The first option in this is the Option Site Title, in which you have to write the title of your website.

After this, there is an option to write Tagline.

Then you have to add the Administration Email Address.

Here you get the option of Site Language so that you can select the language of your website according to you.

After this, you get the option to select the time zone in which you can select the timezone according to your country.

Then you get the option of Date Format here, in which you can select the date format according to you.

Like the Date Format, the Time Format is also here, you can also select it accordingly.

Below this is the option of Week Start On, you can select any day for the Starting Week of your website. When this setting is done, you can click on Save Changes and save.

Apart from these settings, there are many more settings that you can change at your convenience. Let me tell you the next step now.

Step 7. Install Theme

When you make the settings in WordPress, then you have to select the theme because installing the themes makes your website attractive, so that it has a good effect on the visitors, all bloggers use the themes in their website. Experience is good.

Let me tell you how to install the Theme. You have to follow some points to install the theme on your website. Which are as follows;

First of all, you have to go to your WordPress Dashboard.

Here you will get the option of Appearance, click on it.

Themes will open in front of you as soon as you click on Appearance.

Here you will get the option of Add New above, click on it.

By clicking on the option of Add New, many themes will come in front of you, you can install any theme according to your own.

Here you should remember that you install the Generatepress Theme itself on your website because these themes are lightweight so that the website loads quickly.

Apart from this, there are very good themes available on the Internet, you can upload a theme from another website and upload it to your WordPress website.

When you click on Add New, after that you will see the option of Upload Theme above, click on it.

After clicking on Upload Theme, you will get the option of Choose File by clicking on it, you can select and install that downloaded theme.

Note; “When you install a theme in your website, then first you should check whether the theme is an AMP theme or not. You should install AMP Theme only because this Theme is Mobile-Friendly. “

Step 8. Install Important Plugins

After installing the theme on the WordPress website, you also have to install some important plugins in it. Because through plugins you can add some extra features in WordPress, with the help of which you can easily do many things, which also saves your time. In the Dashboard of the WordPress Website, you will find the option of plugins.

After clicking on the plugins, you will get the option of Add New. Click on it, then you will get the Search Bar, with the help of which you can search and install the plugins easily. Let me tell you about some important plugins that you can install and use in your WordPress website. These are some of the plugins as follows;

1.Yoast SEO

Yoast is a plugin that analyzes your blog post and gives you a report that gives you information about whether your blog post is SEO friendly or not and you can also optimize Blog Post with its help.

2.Akismet Anti Spam

This prevents spam comments from coming to your blog post. If spam comments come on your blog post, then it selects and removes those comments.


Jetpack Plugin has many features such as you can create a Contact Form with the help of it, you can apply Social Sharing Buttons on Blog Post so that visitors can share your Post, this Plugin also Daily Backup your Blog and You can track Page Views and Search Queries and many more features are included in it.


AMP is such a plugin that makes your website mobile-friendly, if you install this plugin then your website is fast loaded on mobile phones and adjusted according to the screen of mobile. Which leads to a good User Experience.

5.Short Pixel Image Optimizer

If you add images to your blog post, then you can use this plugin. Lightweight is made by optimizing the image so that the loading speed of the website can be fast.

Apart from these plugins, you will get many plugins, you can also install other plugins according to your needs. Now let’s talk about the next step.

Step 9.Create Important Pages

When you start a blog, you also have to add some important pages to it. With the help of which visitors can get information about your website. Because only with the help of these pages, the trust of the visitors on your website increase.

These important pages are very important for all websites, let me tell you how you can add these pages to your website, here I have given some points, you can easily add important pages to your website by following them. You can do it. Which are as follows;

First of all, go to the WordPress website Dashboard.

Here you will get the option of pages, click on it.

Then a page will appear in front of you, above it, you will get the option of New Page, click on it.

By clicking on the new page, a page will open, where you have to write the name of the page above, and below you have to give details about that page.

When that page is ready, you will find the option of Publish up there. Click on it and publish it.

You can easily add all the important pages in this way. These important pages like; There are about us, Contact us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy Page, Terms and Service Page, etc. You can add pages according to your own.

Step 10.Write Blog Post and Optimize SEO

When you make all the settings in the WordPress website, install the theme, add important pages, after that you have to write Blog Post and do SEO Optimization of its Blog Post. So let me tell you about how to write a blog post; how can you write a blog post;

First of all, you have to come to the Dashboard of the WordPress website, you will get the option of Post here, click on it.

Here you will get the option of Add New above, click on it.

After clicking, a page will open, here you will get the option to write Add Title at the top. The title of the blog post you are going to write will have to be written here.

After this, under the title, you will get the option of Start Writing or Type / To Choose a Block from where you can start writing your blog.

With this, you can add many things like images, tables, etc. to your blog post.

When you prepare a blog post by writing, then you also have to do On-Page SEO Optimization of that blog post before publishing. Here below I have given information about optimizing Blog posts through SEO by some points. which is like this ;

Do Keyword Research before writing a blog post.

Optimize the images added to the blog post.

Optimize the title of the blog post and add Focus Keyword to it.

Optimize Meta Description.

Make the URL of your blog post-SEO Friendly.

Provide Quality Content to Visitors.

I have already published by writing a blog post on On-Page SEO, you can get information about On-Page SEO by clicking on this link.

Conclusion; How to Start a Blog

If you have read this article of mine well then you must have understood how to start a blog? I have told you to step by step process through this article, which you can easily start a blog by following it.

When you want to make Hosting Purchase, then you can purchase from Hostinger, which provides you cheap and good hosting facility. If you are a new blogger, then you should choose Shared Hosting only.

The domain is also taken at the time of hosting, so you can take the domain related to the Niche of the website or even on your name. If you want to brand yourself, then you can take the domain in your name.

You should install the Generatepress Theme itself on your WordPress website because these themes are lightweight due to which the website is fast loaded.

Apart from this, you can add important pages so that people can get information about your website, through these pages you can also put some conditions and people can contact you because of its Contact us page, etc.

If you have found this article helpful to you, then you must share it with the needy people and if you have not understood any steps, then you can comment.

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