How To Do Voice Search Optimization: 6 Important Tips | for beginners in 2021

How To Do voice search Do you know what is voice search and have you ever done a voice search? No!! Do you want to learn to do voice search? then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will tell you Along with this, I will also tell you +5 tips to optimize voice search.

How To Do Voice Search Optimization

About 50% of internet users use voice search to buy any product. Out of which 25 to 49 years old internet users 65%  use voice devices daily.

As you now know how much voice search has developed in 2021 and it is increasing day by day. Most of the website owners have started optimizing their website according to voice search after seeing its popularity. Because later on, more searches will be done only through How to do voice search.

If you want to optimize your website according to voice search, then you must read my article till the end. This article will be very helpful for you. In this article, I will tell what is voice search, How to do voice search, why voice search is necessary, etc. So let’s get started.

What is Voice Search?

Voice Search is also known as voice-enabled. Through voice search, users can search anything on the Internet, website, and apps by giving voice commands. Along with this, voice search does not work only on Google, but it also works on Siri, Cortana, and Amazon Echo (Alexa).

How to do Voice Search is developing so fast that its demand is going to increase a lot in the future. In 2021, the system of voice search has become so smart that people can comfortably talk to another person even through watches.

Voice Search is becoming more popular because it is fast and hands-free. Especially after covid, people have started using voice search more.

For your information, let me tell you that there are 32% of people support hand-free technology because they believe that dust, soil, and bacteria can be avoided to a great extent through this technology.

As you know, in 2021 almost everyone has a smartphone. That’s why voice search is also mostly done through the phone itself.

How does Voice Search work?

How to do Voice search works in such a way that when a user speaks to know about a topic in voice search, it reads the results added in the voice search feature snippet.

For users who work more than desktops, this facility is a little less for them. But you can take advantage of it well through mobile, Alexa, and other sound devices.

Voice Search works well for both websites and businesses. How To Do voice search If you have a website whose CTR and traffic are not good, then it increases both the click-through rate (CTR) and traffic of your website. Along with this, it also helps a lot in making your website a branded website.

  • As you know that voice search is a technical system, so it becomes very important to understand it deeply. The working method of digital voice search assistant is as follows:
  • It first converts human speech into text and transcribes it.
  • Then analyzes the texted questions.
  • Then it finds and locates the answers to those questions in the feature snippets, web pages, etc. available in the search engine.
  • After getting the information, then he translates it in front of the users.

But let me tell you that the process of working on voice search is more complicated than this. Work is being done on it so that Voice Search can work even better. Soon voice search will become even more advanced.

Why is Voice Search Important?

Now you know what is voice search and how it works. Now let me tell you why Voice Search is important. Voice search is important because its demand among people increases every day.

If you are looking for a new way to boost traffic to your website, then voice search can be the end of your search. It not only increases the ranking of websites but also improves the user experience.

If you want your website or business to reach people, then first you have to optimize your website according to voice search. At this time every user wants to get the answer to the question asked by him as soon as possible. So you can easily reach your website to them through voice search.

How to Optimize Content for Voice Search

As you have now learned that in any sound device whether it is Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, etc., your website will reach the users only when you optimize your content for voice search. So for your help, I have given +5 points here which are as follows:

1Focus on Rich Answers2Target Long Tail Keywords3Focus onFAQs4Focus on Questions that people may ask5Fix your Business on Google My Business6Use Schema Markup in Context

1. Focus on Rich Answers

First of all, let me tell you that the answers of  70% of voice searches are taken from the SERPs of Google. Out of which  60% the answer is taken from the featured snippet. So now you can guess from this why you need to optimize your content for voice search. To optimize your content, you must first focus on Rich Answers.

Under Rich Answer these four things come Panel, Graph, Box, and feature snippet. In which the work of panel and graph is done, submitting information.

At the same time, we tell about the featured snippet and box content. To give a good experience to the users, Google only forwards websites with rich answers for most of the questions. And voice search also gives more value to these types of websites. So you must pay attention to the rich answer.

2. Target Long Tail Keywords

Do you know that most of the searches in voice search are done only by long-tail keywords? Like OK, Google: How Do I Optimize My Website For Voice Search?

So when you optimize your content for voice search, then definitely use long-tail keywords in it. Because short tail keywords do not have much importance in voice search.

You also have the advantage of this that when a user searches a topic similar to your content in voice search, then the chances of your website ranking will increase at that time. To rank your content well in Voice Search, you have to pay attention to long-tail keywords as well as filler words.

3. Focus on FAQs

One thing you should always keep in mind while optimizing content for voice search is to include frequently asked questions (FAQs) in the website. Because all the questions asked on voice search are mostly conversational.

That’s why you have to give priority to these questions in your content. These questions are something like what, why, when, who and how.

Most of the questions start with these 5 words. That’s why you have to focus a lot on these five questions and words. So that when a user searches something like this, then voice search should give importance to your website first.

4. Pay attention to questions that people may ask

In this stage of optimization, you have to pay attention to who is your target audience. Meaning you are also optimizing the audience for which you are writing your content for voice search. In which category do they come after all? Like the audience related to digital marketing or food industries or fashion, whomever you are targeting.

You should know about the choice of those audiences. Along with this, you should also have good knowledge of that field.

Once you understand your targeting audience, then you have to pay attention to what kind of questions people related to this field can ask.

For this, if you want, you can take the help of Google or other search engines. To give a better answer, you should use the direct and concise method.

5. Fix Your Business on Google My Business

As you know, if you want to do business online, then your account must be on Google My Business. By doing this you will get 2 benefits.

The first advantage is when a user wants to know about your business by typing, then he can know very easily and the second advantage when a user does a voice search, then your business starts to rank in that too. But this is possible only when your business is optimized for local SEO.

Let me explain this to you through an example. Suppose a local person from Mumbai searched by saying “Hey Google, navigate to me Rohit’s Restaurant” so if Rohit has fixed his business on Google My Business then Google Assistant will immediately navigate him to go there.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that the time and mobile no. of opening and closing of your business. Have to keep it accurate.

6. Use Schema Markup in Context

It is very important to have Schema Markup in the content. If you have added ‘schema markup’ to your web pages then it is very good for your website. And if you have not added the schema markup yet, then it will be harmful to your website. So you must add it.

Schema Markup is generally used to describe the database and to assist Google.

Schema Markup tells search engines what your website is about. Along with this, this HTML add-on also helps the search engine to understand the context of your content. This means that your website ranks well on typical searches and your content is perfect for any topic asked through voice search.

Conclusion: How to do Voice Search

Do you know what is going to happen next in the future of searches for websites? Any idea!! No, let me tell you that the future of searches for websites is going to be Voice Search.

About Voice Search, I would like to tell you that this is a technology that allows users to use voice commands on the Internet. On this, users can ask any question according to their own.

This technology was first used in smartphones. Because of this changes were also made in the search bar. Voice Search has made its place among the people so fast that now most of the searches are done by speaking only.

Most voice searches are done by Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Voice Search. Through this, you can boost your business. And it is also very important from an SEO point of view.

Many bloggers are upset because of How to do voice search I would like to tell them that you do not have to worry. All you have to do is optimize your content for voice search. To help you, I also told +5 tips, using which you can prepare your website for voice search.

With this, I hope that this article of mine (How to do Voice Search: +5 Tips) proves to be effective to rank your website in voice search.

FAQ: How to do Voice Search?

I found in my research that many bloggers are still worried about how to voice search. That’s why they are asking a lot of questions related to voice search on the internet but they are not getting answers to their questions. For this reason, I will answer 3 important questions asked by all of you here.

Q1. Which search engine does Alexa use?

Ans. I have put this in my first question because most internet users and bloggers do not know which search engine Alexa uses to find the answer. So let me tell you that Alexa uses the search engine, Bing, to find the answer to the question asked by any users. And along with this, Microsoft’s Cortana also uses Bing’s search engine to find answers to all questions.

Q2. Does Google Record Voice Search?

Ans. Bloggers who do not know whether Google records the voice search searched by them or not. So I would like to tell them that yes, Google records voice search. Whenever a user searches for something through a voice command on Google Now, Google records it. But this feature usually does not come in the eyes of the people because Google has kept this feature hidden. Whatever recording happens through Google Now is stored in your account. And if you want, you can also delete it.

Q3.What is the Future of Voice Control?

Ans. If we talk about the future of voice control, then its future is very bright. Looking at the results that are coming out of Voice Search, it seems that in the coming time voice search will be the future of all types of searches. The use of keywords and similar control panels will be reduced gradually by the people. Because voice search will become even more advanced after some time. The changes that will be done in its features will give maximum comfort to the people. Due to this, the chances of its popularity among the people will also increase significantly.

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