How to Best Ideal Blog Post Length? | Total Words in a Post | Get Traffic in Google? | For beginners in 2021

What should be an ideal blog post length? After all, it is necessary to have a post of how many words to rank on Google? Now we are going to talk about this topic. Many bloggers believe that long blog posts rank quickly.

Ideal Blog Post Length?

In today’s time, people do not have time to read Long Post, so is it right to write Long Post? Anyway, short content is easily understood by people, if it is framed well, then why do we need to write Long Blog Post in such a situation?

Ideal Blog Post Length?
Ideal Blog Post Length?

Ideal Blog Post Length should be from 800 Words to 1,151 Words according. But why? Now we try to understand this. The blog only means Long Content, the biggest reason behind opening a blog is to share knowledge, you can go to a blog and open their post and see, there you will find each post from 1200 words to 5000 words. Will meet. You do not go to someone else’s blog and try to open your blog post, all the posts on my blog are from 1000 words to 4000 words.

According to a HubSpot report, the reading time of your post should be about 7 minutes, for which you will have to write 2100 words.

“Content is King” is a fact that bloggers should never forget. Without content, you cannot even think of ranking on Google. According to my, if you are working on a blog like Health, Fitness then your Ideal Blog Post Length should be from 2,100 words to 5,000 words. If you are setting up a blog related to blogging, then your ideal blog post length should be from 800 to 5,000 words.

Benefits of Long Blog Post

There are many benefits of Long Blog Post which we will talk about one by one.

1. Bounce Rate

Long Blog Post is a very wonderful way to decrease the bounce rate. As soon as a visitor comes to your blog and starts reading that post if that post is long then your visitor will take average time to read it. Let’s assume that if the reading time of your post is 7 min, then your visitor will read it for 2 min.

2. Social Share

Long Blog Posts are shared a lot on social media like Twitter and Facebook. Long Blog Post is most shared on Twitter and then on Facebook. If you are writing any content for social media, then keep its length up to 1500 words.

3. Ranking

Now let’s talk about Ranking, as it is said that Long Blog Post ranks quickly, this is also true. According to Long Blog Post-Short, Blog Post ranks quite quickly. If you want to beat your competitor, then first try to leave it behind in the length of the content, then do something else.

How to Write Long Blog Post?

To write a long blog post, you also need a lot of time and deep knowledge on that topic. In such a situation, you have to take time out. If you write an article of 1,000 words, then it takes about 3-4 hours, this 3 to 4 hours you should focus only on your post and not on anything else.

To write your post quickly, (How to increase traffic) pay attention to some special points and start writing the post.

  1. Divide your post into Sub-Heading: – Divide your Topics into Sub-Heading and then write a post with those headings, this will speed up the writing speed of your post.
  2. Keyword Research:- Before writing the post, make a list of keywords. Make a list of How to do free keywords in advance and also think about where to implement them.
  3. Do not write your post on WordPress: – In the beginning, you write your post on Google Docs or any other Notebook. Do not write at the beginning on WordPress.
  4. Take care of readability as well: – While writing the post, keep in mind that they should be able to read, sentences should be made so that people can understand your article.
  5. Pay Attention to Useful Information:- It is not enough just to write Long Blog Post, you have to pay attention to whether your article has the content that people want. Do not write things here and there, just stay on the topic and talk about it.

Word count only matters when your post is useful and knowledgeable.

Last word

Now you must have understood that what should be the Ideal Blog Post Length and what are the benefits of a Long Blog Post. Together I also tried to tell you how to write Long Blog Post. I hope you liked this post of mine. If you have any questions related to this topic then please comment below.

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