Blogger seo rank tips of Blogspot Best Advance for Setting in 2021

Today we will know that How to do the advanced setting of Blogspot blog? Today’s article is very important for all bloggers. Then whether it is pro-blogger or new-blogger. Because it is an important part of SEO. Without which you can not get Organic Traffic. Blogger seo rank tips of Blogspot Best Advance for Setting in 2021 Therefore, you must do the setting of Advance of your

Blogger seo rank tips of Blogspot Best Advance  for Setting in 2021
Blogspot Best Advance

But before I tell you here, what is Advance Setting.

What is Blogspot “Advance Setting”?

The setting options that are the main role in the search engine like Meta Tag, Robot Txt, Sitemap, etc.

In, we also know it by the name of the “Search Preferences” Option.

How to set up Blogspot Blog’s Advance?

Friends, setting up advanced is not a smooth job, but you have to fix it properly, otherwise, your blog can be hidden from the search engine. So you can follow me step by step.

  • 2.Now click on the “Settings” option in the Dashboard Tool.
  • 3.Now you have to click on the “Search Preferences” option.

Search Preferences has three parts in Blogger!

  • 1 Meta Tags:
  • 2 Errors And Redirections:
  • 3 Crowlers And Indexing:

1 How to write Meta Tags Description in Blogger?

Friends, it is very important to write this because these descriptions are shown on sharing on social media.

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So that whichever user will share your blog, his friends can easily find out what is the topic of this blog and what information is published in it.

Now you have to click on Edit in the Meta Tag option.

Now tick on Yes.

In this box, write about your blog in 150 words, on which topic your blog is, and what information do you publish in it.

Now click on the Save Change button.

In this way, your meta tag description will be successfully added.

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How to FIx 2 Custom Page Not Found (Error 404)?

These are a very important part of a blogger. Many times what happens is that we have to delete any posts, page. And those posts are deleted from the blog, but links are not deleted from where you have shared them or where your users have shared.

And if someone wants to come to your blog by clicking on those links, then they can not come. But if you fix the error 404 of your blog, then it will come on your blog and he will get your message that right now on your blog The work is going on. Or these pages have been deleted.

And its third task is that if a reader is coming directly by typing the URL of your post, then it may be that some spelling is mistyped. So if you have fixed Error 404, then it will reach that page easily. And he can read that post. So you must fix it, for that you follow this step.

First, click on Edit.
  • Paste Error 404 HTML Code in it.
  • Now click on Save Change.
  • Page Error 404 HTML Code:

<a href=”” target=”_blank”> Error 404 Page Not Found </a>

<p> There is some work going on on technoven right now please click on home <a href=”” target=”_blank”> home page </a>

<a href=”” target=”_blank”> Contact on Facebook </a>. </p>

Note: Instead of technoven, type the URL of your blog.

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2. How to use Custom Redirects? a

This option is very important in Blogger because with this you can redirect a deleted post to another post.

Example –

If any of your posts are deleted and that information is very important, then you can redirect that link from another blog post. By which your user will get complete information and that user will remain on your blog.

3. How to Setting up Google Search Console?

Friends, you should do this setting immediately after creating a blog and setting up a Custom Domain Name. Because unless you Verify your blog in Google Webmaster Tool. Until then your blog will not show on Search Engine. Because now Google or any other search tool does not have much time to crawl your site. For this, you only have to tell the search tool about it.

How to Add Custom Robot Txt File in Blogger 5?

Friends, fix this option very carefully because it starts indexing your blog quickly. And if you add it wrong, your blog will stop being indexed in the search engine and traffic from your blog will also be reduced.

So for that also you follow me step by step.

First, click on Edit.

Now tick Yes.

Paste Robot Txt File in it.

Now you have to click on Save Change.

Robot Txt File Code:

User-agent: *

 Disallow: / search

 Allow: /


Note: In this HTML code, write the name of your blog instead of technoven.

We use it to hide and show in our post, page, image, video search.

4. Custom Robots Header Tags How to Fix?

We use this after adding the Robot Txt file. In this, we have to tell the search tool that we want to show the home page links of our blog or not.

To fix these options correctly, you follow this step.

1 Home Page: Tick All in it.

2 Archive And Search Pages: In this also you have to tick in front of All.

3 Default For Posts And Pages: In this option also you have to tick All.

If you don’t know anything about it, then you just follow these steps. And it helps improve the SEO of your blog.

So friends, in this tutorial of today, you have learned how to set up the Advance setting of the blogger? If you still have any suggestions or questions related to it, then comment below. And also share it with your friends. Like Facebook, Twitter, 

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