Top 20+ Best Free Premium Blogger Template 2021 | SEO Friendly Template | easy to 1 click to download

Top 20+ Best Free Premium Blogger Templates 2021.Friends, as you know, Templates give a standard look to any blog. If you are searching for the best free Premium blogger templates for your blogger? So you have come to the right place. In this article, I will tell you about

According to the Optinmonster website, 77% of Internet users read the blog. And Blogs has got the 5th most trustworthy rating for online information. So now you can understand that when so many users trust the blog, then the responsibility of the bloggers increases that they use good templates to improve the user’s experience. Also, if templates are free, then bloggers also benefit from this. Alse Read: –10 best free seo tools

Top 20+ Best Free Premium Blogger Template 2021 | SEO Friendly Template | easy to 1 click to download
Blogger Template

For bloggers who want to start writing posts from Blogger, then Blogger is the best. Because Blogger is a product of Google itself, it is provided to bloggers for free.

If you have good talent to write a blog and you want your users to be impressed with your blog. Also, if they visit your blog again and again, then you will need the best templates for your blog. In which this article of 20+ Best Free Blogger Templates 2021 will be useful for you. So don’t miss a single point of it. So let’s start.

21 Best Free Blogger Templates

Now I am going to tell you about the Best Free Blogger Templates. These templates will give your blog a look different from your competitors.

1. Blogstar Free Premium Blogger Template

If you have a blog, personal, creative, or authority blog, then the Blog star Blogger Template is the perfect template for this. Blog star Template is a clean and simple template that is fully responsive.

Blogstar Blogger Template

Do you know what are the features of Blog star? No, I tell you Blog star Blogger Template has been designed keeping SEO in mind. In this template, easy approval is also available for Adsense.

The Thumbnail image automatically resizes in Blog star. You do not have any problem related to the custom error 404 pages in the Blog star Template. Blog star also supports your related posts a lot.

2. Klarity Blogger Template

If you like to write a blog on Fashion, Lifestyle then Klarity Blogger Template is perfect for this. Klarity Blogger Template has been designed only for the special Living blog, Lifestyle, and Fashion blog.

Klarity Blogger Template

Klarity template makes your blog fully responsive to your users, which makes the experience of your users very good. You can also call Klarity an SEO Friendly template.

The specialty of Klarity Blogger Template is that in this template you will get Social Media Buttons to share your post. Klarity is provided to bloggers with Browser Compatibility.

3. Sora Article Blogger Template

If you are interested in writing Magazine Blog, then Sora Article Blogger Template has been created for you. In Sora Article Template, you will get a responsive and clean design for your blog. Sora Article is also SEO friendly template.

Sora Article Blogger Template
Sora Article

In Sora Article Blogger Template, you will get Advance Features like header, footer, and slider, etc. An interesting quality of the Sora Article Template is that Social Bookmark is also available in it.

Sora likes to see your magazine in the Article Blogger Template. In this, you can also give your magazine a black and white look. You can also easily place ads in your blogger post.

4. Florence Free Premium Blogger Template

As you will know by its name, Florence Blogger Template will get clean, elegant, and Florence layouts in it. Florence Blogger Template works according to its name.

Florence Blogger Template

Most bloggers choose Florence because of its lightweight and fast loading speed. Florence Template is used a lot for a travel blog, lifestyle blog, stylish female entrepreneurs, business blog.

The special thing about Florence is that in this you will also get advanced Admin Layouts and Featured Post. Along with this, you will find Widget, Email Subscription, Page Navigation Menu, Slideshow, Drop Down Menu, and 2 Columns in Florence Blogger Template.

5. Impreza Blogger Free Premium Template

Impreza Fashion, Art, Travel is a modern and clean blogger theme for all these blogs. The design of the Impreza theme is well optimized. Impreza theme gives so much power to your blog that you can visually and functionally customize your blog with one click.

Impreza Blogger Template

Impreza theme is available in two versions, the first is Free, and the second is Premium. You have to pay about $ 6.95 for Premium Version.

Talking about the features of the Impreza theme, you will get countless features in it like this theme is fully responsive and mobile-friendly

In this, you get fast loading speed and a Google testing tool validator for your blog. In addition, it also has social sharing, a drop-down menu, HTML5, and CSS3.

6. Blogus Blogger Template

If you want to give your blog a professional look, then Blogus Free Premium Blogger Template is perfect for this. Blogs theme is a light and bright theme as well as it is very flexible. In the Blogs theme, you can easily customize all types of documents.

Blogus Blogger Template

Blogs are the best SEO Optimize Blogger Template of all themes. And many bloggers also support it. In this theme, you will get responsive meaningful designs for your post. Along with this, the Blogs template is also minimalist.

In Blogs Free Premium Blogger Template you will get to see different features like Blogs Template has clean typography and Pinterest widget. Blogs Template is compatible with major browsers (IE8 +, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla).

There is also a premium version of Blogs Blogger Template, for which you have to pay $ 9.95. In this, you get extra features.

7. Blog Coupon Blogger Template

Blog Coupon Free Premium Blogger Template has been specifically designed for Coupon blog. A lot of free and responsive templates are provided to you in Blog Coupon.

Blog Coupon Blogger Template
Blog coupon

In the Blog Coupon template, you will get many types of functions for your blog. With which you can make your blog a perfect couple blog.

With the help of Blog Coupon, you can store promo codes of different brands and companies. Blog Coupon is the best for any kind of Goods Website. You will get the premium version of Blog Coupon for $ 9.95.

In Blog Coupon, you will find the feature of the Dropdown menu. Along with this, you will also get a Coupon, Slider, Clean layout, Simple design.

8. Beehive Personal Blogger Template

As you may be aware from its name that Beehive is a unique personal Free Premium blogger template. In the Beehive template, your Visitors focus on the content of your blog. In Beehive, the slider is at the top.

Beehive Personal Blogger Template
Beehive personal

One special thing in Beehive is that when you scroll down, the Smart Sticky Menu becomes automatic hide and when you scroll up, it starts to show again.

In Beehive templates, you can impress your visitors in many ways. In the Beehive template, you will find responsive elegant features. You will get these features to see your HomePage.

9. Pebbles Portfolio Blogger Template

Pebbles is specially designed for portfolio blogs. In the Pebbles template, you will see an amazing masonry grid. Whatever the niche of your blog, it fits perfectly for that as well.

Pebbles Portfolio Blogger Template
Pebbles potfolio

With Pebbles template, you can illustrate your design. You can easily optimize the image in this template. You can add many images in a single post in the Pebbles Portfolio Free Premium Blogger Template.

Pebble portfolio template has a responsive sidebar that automatically gets converted to a toggle button. Through which any user can easily view your blog on their mobile, tablet, etc. You will get the premium version of Pebbles Portfolio Blogger Free Premium Template for $ 9.95.

Talking about the features of Pebbles Portfolio Blogger Template, you will get 5 different style templates in it. In addition, you are provided with Irremovable footer links and encrypted code in it.

10. Style Magazine Blogger Template

With the Style Magazine Free Premium Blogger Template, you can beautifully design your magazine blog. The special thing about the Style Magazine Blogger Template is that in this template you will get approval for Ads very soon. Understand that Style Magazine has been specially created for ad approval.

Style Magazine

Style Magazine template is also called beginner blogger friendly. If your website is not performing well on Google, then this template can help a lot in improving the performance of your blog.

Style Magazine is one of the most responsive templates. In this template, you will find 1 sidebar, 2 columns, Post thumbnail, Social bookmark, etc.

11. Charm Personal Blogger Template

Charm Personal Blogger Template is perfect for those who write bloggers’ blogs. Because Charm Template is a private and clean responsive Free Premium blogger template.

Charm personal

In the Charm Template, you are given 2 column layouts that are SEO optimized so that you can rank your blog on Google’s search engine result page (SERP) as soon as possible.

You will get Charm Template in yellow color, but you can also change the yellow color by using the infinite colors present in it. Full documentation is provided in it for Premium Users.

Charm Template can adapt to any screen size. So that your users get a good experience from your blog post. In Charm Template, the blogger’s photo becomes an automatic circle, so that your website looks professional like WordPress. In Charm Template, you will also get the option of threaded comments for your users.

12. Christmas Blogger Template

Christmas Blogger Template is designed for those bloggers who like to write blogs on occasions. If you also write blogs for occasions, then Christmas Free Premium Blogger Template can be very useful for you.


In Christmas Blogger Template you can define Christmas well, in this you will get beautiful designing layouts for your content which will make your content even more amazing.

In this, you are provided a very beautiful gallery, which makes your website look fabulous like the WordPress website. In the Christmas Blogger Template, you also get ad approval easily.

It has 1 right sidebar and 2 columns. In the Christmas Blogger Template, you will see many bright colors. Especially Red color gives an original look to the Christmas template.

13. Olive Blogger Template

Olive Blogger Template has been designed to be the SEO Backlinks of the website. With Olive, bloggers can do both on On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO of their website.


In Olive Template, you will get a free responsive design that you can use for any kind of website content. Due to these designs, your visitors will spend maximum time on your blog.

Although the Olive Free Premium Blogger Template is free, it also has a premium version. You can purchase Olive from oddthemes .com for $ 4.95.

In the premium version, you will get some extra features from the free version. In the premium version of Olive Template, you are provided with unencrypted codes which you can customize according to your need.

Manual documented support is found in the Olive Blogger Template. In addition, the thumbnail image is automatically resized in it. The designs you get in it are full width + box. In the Olive Blogger Free Premium Template, you will also get the feature of a professional admit layout. With these layouts, you can work easily.

14. SportsMag Blogger Template

If you like to write a blog on Sports, then SportsMag Blogger Template is perfect for you. Because SportsMag is a unique and best sports Free blogger Premium template.


In SportsMag Template, you can write about various types of sports like Cricket, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Hockey, Boxing, Surfing, Golf, Cycling, Swimming, Athletics, etc.

In SportsMag Blogger Template, you will get retina-ready full responsive designs and many features to write your content. sportsman Template gives you better SEO results.

You also get good page loading speed in SportsMag Blogger Template. With which a good image of your blog is built in front of your users.

15. Writeup Blogger Template

For the bloggers who write NewsPaper, Magazine, and Review blogs, the Writeup Free Premium Blogger Template is the best option. The writeup Template is well optimized to give high speed to the page and better SEO results.


In the Writeup Template, you are provided fully responsive designs. You can post Random in Writeup. Tabbed Menu and Newsletter Subscription are available in Writeup Blogger Template.

Writeup Template comes fully compatible with major browsers (Safari, Chrome, Mozilla, IE8 +). You also get approval for Adsense in Writeup Blogger Template easily.

16. Typography Blogger Template

Typography Template is a text-based Free Premium blogger template. Which is designed for those bloggers who do not need the right image for their blog, who just like to write. Whose writing is the main motive?


If you also like to write only and you do not need the right images for your blog, then the Typography Template is designed for you.

In Typography you will find a unique based design that gives your website a perfect look with and without images. All you have to do is write and publish your content, the rest handles all typography.

Typography is the main focus of the template on the content and its readability as it is the most important for all website owners.

The specialty of typography is that it gives your blog a different look in front of your users than other templates.

17. Hilary Blogger Template

Hilary is an absolutely clean and elegant responsive template. In Hilary Template, you can easily customize the visual appearance of your blog.


Hilary Free Premium Blogger Template has been specially created for a personal blog like Travel blog, Fashion blog, Food recipe blog, Fashion Magazine Blog, Tech blog, Adventure blog, Lifestyle blog, etc.

Hilary Blogger Template is provided to the bloggers with a wonderful ready-made design. You can give your blog a professional look with Hilary Blogger Template. Hilary’s clean and creative design gives a reel feel to the content of your blog.

18. Everyday Blogger Template

As you may be aware by its name that this template likes to write day by day blogs for those bloggers.


If you also write a daily blog, then you can use the Everyday Free Premium Blogger Template. In this template, you will not have to manage your blog much.

In Everyday Template, the blog management function is already built-in. As you add new pages to your blog, Everyday Template handles it automatically.

Everyday Blogger Template is designed for all types of News, magazines, and portland personal blogs. In this, you get fully responsive layouts. It also optimizes for SEO. In this, you also get approval for Ads.

19. FooddyBlog Blogger Template

The FooddyBlog, Free Premium Blogger Template is designed for those bloggers who write blogs specifically on food.


If you also write a blog related to food, then Foody Free Premium Blogger Template is perfect for your blog. You can also use Foody Template for a food magazine or personal blog. Your blog looks like WordPress in Foody Template.

You will find Foody Free Premium Blogger Template in white and yellow color. Foody Template has 1 Right Sidebar and 3 columns footer.

In the Foody Template, you will find Drop down menu, Page navigation menu, Breadcrumb navigation menu features. Along with this, you will also get clean and grid layouts in it.

20. Brownie Blogger Template

Brownie template is considered one of Blogger’s important web publications. Brownie is designed by OddTheme. Brownie template has innovative features that greatly support premium images and videos.


You can also call the Brownie template user-friendly. They provide fully responsive designs for mobile, tablets, computers, etc. Brownie is a completely Free Premium blogger template. You can use the Brownie template for your blog.

Talking about the features of the Brownie template, in this, you will find social media icons in both the top and footer. In this, you will also get a feature slider and clean elegant designs for your blog.

Brownie template100% SEO optimizes. In the Brownie template, you will find unlimited social media widgets, posts widgets, Instagram widgets, etc.

21. Couture Blogger Template

Couture is a classic, clean, and crafted blogger template. In the Couture template, you will get to see feature boxes. In this, you will get 2 responsive columns for your blog, which are very helpful for personal blogging.


In the Couture template, your users can read your post on the blog side with a post snippet. Search icons in the Couture template are on the right side of the post. Users can read any of your specific posts by clicking on this Search icon.

In the couture template, social icons are provided in the footer so that your users can follow the social icons without any problem searching anywhere on that page. You can easily change both colors and fonts in the Couture template.

In the Couture template, you will get many features such as custom author widgets and sidebar widgets. Along with this, you will get social sharing functionality and smooth scrolling in it.

Conclusion: 20+ best free blogger templates 2021

Hope you have helped a lot with my article 20+ best Free Premium blogger templates 2021. In this, I have told you about the 21 best Free Premium blogger templates. All these templates are free.

The most important thing for any blog is that the blog gets approval for Ads from Google Adsense. Because most bloggers can further their blog due to continuing ads. Therefore, whatever blogger templates I have told you, you will easily get approval for ads for your blog.

If the performance of your website is not doing well in Google’s search, then by using these templates you can improve the performance of your blog and get ranked in Google’s search.

In these templates, you will find amazing layouts and beautiful designs. Along with this, you also get the header, footer, sidebar in them. All these templates are SEO optimized.

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