8 blogging mistakes to most beginner bloggers make avoid in 2021

Friends if you are a blogger then you must have noticed that some blogger’s blog has only a few posts. 8 blogging mistakes to most beginner bloggers make avoid in 2021 Even after that, the traffic of his blog is quite good. But even after posting more than that on other blogs, there is not much traffic. Must be conquered. Have you ever wondered why this happens? This happens with every new blogger. Some bloggers rectify their mistakes, and some do not.

Within this article, we are going to talk about the big mistake which we are unknowingly making and do not get success inside blogging. And blame their luck. Friends, I know many bloggers who have been inside the blogging world for many years but are still not successful today.

8 blogging mistakes to most beginner bloggers make avoid in 2021
8 blogging mistakes to most beginner bloggers make avoid in 2021

8 Blogging Mistakes That Prevent You From Being Successful

1. Understanding blogging as easy

Some people think that anyone can easily earn a lot of money by sitting at home from a brother’s blog. It is all very easy. But this idea comes to his mind till he comes to know about reality. And then they come to know. 8 blogging mistakes When they do not earn up to 1 $ a day even after blogging for several days. Brother blogging is not as easy as other work. Can only see. His thinking is Karl. It is revealed only by looking at ourselves. So I mean if you do not have an interest in it, then do not step inside blogging.

2. Doing No Quality Post

mistake I have also made this mistake many times. Due to this mistake, I have deleted my post many times. Friends, if you post good quality, then there is more possibility of traffic on it. You ignore the quantity. Just pay attention to the quality. If you write a good-quality post, the user will automatically start getting interested in reading your post. Do not post garbage. You don’t need to post one day, but you can post one for two to three days.

‌‌‌3. Take care what visitor wants

Friends, a successful full blogger can become one who can understand the emotional feelings of his visitor. You should understand what your guests are searching for. What do people like more and what they don’t like? 8 blogging mistakes If you know this and write a post on its account, then surely you can become a successful blogger.

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Some bloggers have no idea what their visitor wants, just those who write with their hands. If you continue to do the same, then stop doing this because it will harm you.

4. Ignore the blog’s SEO

If you are a blogger then you will know about SEO. If you want to be a success in blogging, then you have to pay attention to S. There are many things inside SEO. Like using long-tail keywords. The keyword density inside the post. Writing the title in the same way and more comes to know more about SEO, you can search and read on the net, you will get information about it very easily in English. And follow all the rules of SEO.

5. Guest not posting

Guest posting is a great way to increase the rank of a blog. The new blogger feels that he can be a success without posting a guest. 8 blogging mistakes to most beginner Their thinking is correct but it will take you many years. When you post a guest on a blog with high traffic, then good traffic starts on your blog too. Note that posting only one or a few guests does nothing. But you must make a guest post within the week. ‌

6. Do not use a good theme

Some people do not use a great theme on their blogs. Meaning they do not know what kind of theme they should use. If you use a low-quality theme then it has a bad effect on your blog in every way. The special thing about a good WordPress or blogger theme is that it is fast loading and also responsive. 8 blogging mistakes to most beginner 2021 er Its look is very good. Not necessary, you can buy the paid theme itself, you can also use the free theme. ‌‌‌

7. Copying others’ posts

Some people put others on their blog to copy the article. They see an advantage in this. But it has many disadvantages in the true sense. most beginner bloggers make avoid in 2021 This lets Google know that you have done a posted copy. Because of which your blog does not rank. For this reason, do not copy any blog article even by mistake, it will only harm you.

8. Not use social media network

If you are a blogger then you must know the power of social media. Friends, you should share every post on social media. 8 blogging mistakes to most beginner bloggers make avoid in 2021 It has many benefits. Just like visitors from social media start coming to your website. You can use the social media icon on your blog. If you want, you can use like batten on your blog, which is quite good. Friends, these are the 8 big mistakes of a blogger, which every blogger makes in the beginning. But later some bloggers improve it while some are still making this mistake. This article is for those bloggers who have been unknowingly making their mistakes so far.

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